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This is an archive of journals from late high school. A bit like a diary, this was a personal fork off of my senior project at the time to build a fully functioning blog site that people could sign up for, manage, and etc. I managed to recover all the posts, but I apparently forgot to back up the comments and attached music tables before repurposing my personal server, so those are mostly gone. This is a little embarrassing but not as awful as my old Geocities/tcn.heathenkitties.net early high school journals.

My old txtpad

2008-05-29 13:39:45 Category: Site Related

I made it a year and a half ago. :] My first ever PHP widget!
I've used it a lot. I have one on nuggit.nu now, too. I had to make one here because Ripway got b& by the stupid school ISP (who also bans 4chan but not 7chan, which I find interesting) for "filesharing". What the hell, like anyone's going to pirate music and pr0nz at school from Ripway? They don't even have a search feature.

Anyway. Yeah, so it's like an online Notepad using txt files (because on Ripway I couldn't MySQL... but this taught me how to handle files in PHP, which was cool). And I have a simple password system for saving. But, since I don't care if people look at my files but I don't really want people spamming by making 234809 new files (and the opening and creating uses the same function) I used a dinky little password check using Javascript when you make a new file.

All Javascript. Which means you can just view the source code of the page and you can find the password right there between <script> and </script>. Well, whatever.

This morning I happened to go to Ripway to look at an old file I had over there, and in the file list I found a new file titled "hacked". I opened it... blank. Ahhh, someone had "hacked" my little txtpad. I checked Ripway and apparently it happened back on April 16th. I left a note in the file though I highly doubt whoever did it is going to come back.

In any case,
I feel kind of special.
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Egh. New look.

2008-05-12 23:41:23 Category: Site Related
The way it looked was bugging me, so I thought, let's wrap it in the same kind of foil as the main site (but keep the colors).


Stuff is easier to read this way, and the music buttons don't annoy me as much with the squareness. But... the blog looks too cute now... with the borders, and the brightness...

I also resized the banner image thing because huge banners aren't cool.

Three blogs in one day?! That's right folks. I have another one queued up too but hopefully I procrastinate on that by um studying for my Cisco lab final. It's happening in less than 12 hours. Crap.

I'll probably change the look again later this week.
Man, I'm screwed. And so sleepy.
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XSPF Playlist Maker

2008-03-08 00:47:33 Category: Site Related
I've put the link to the playlist maker in the footer for now.

It's a little tool that makes it easier for you to make a simple playlist like this:

Why is it nice? All you have to do is make a structured list containing the vital info nuggets, and my PHP script chops that up and places them in a .xspf file. It hosts that .xspf playlist and the .swf player directly from this site too, so there's no hassle with those! ...though I'm not the most reliable host, being on DSL and running torrents all the time, haha.

I've had it up since November '07 or so. I see people Google it and make a playlist every couple weeks, which is cool. :]

I figure this is a good place for people to comment on it, til I hack up some sort of general commenting system. *lazy*
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How it's going

2008-03-04 13:05:58 Category: Site Related
I'm really frustrated and I need a hug.

Nobody will reply to my post in the mod_rewrite subforum on PHP Freaks asking about my htaccess problem, which I have explained well enough, and updated as I've made new discoveries and workarounds in the past month. Yeah, it's been exactly one month since I posted that. I've gotten one reply which was nice, but he didn't really seem to get my question. I'm at the point where I feel like throwing a hissy fit at the forum except I won't because that would make no sense--they probably just don't know the answer to my question. No one seems to understand htaccess.

I don't know who to go to for help about this.
I've tried a lot of things, and stuff just doesn't work.
What the hell.

I'm really behind in this blog project; I was supposed to have it open for the first test users in January, and it's now March. A meeting is due with Mr. Braught about it soon, and my project needs to be pretty much finished by April. I feel far from being finished. I can't even get the page redirects to work.

Like the problem now is, you can go to test user allen's blog (which as you can see has to go to /b/ to actually load his /b/log because it doesn't work with just root for some odd reason). You go to manage.php in order to add entries to it, and suddenly it loses the user variable, and gives you an error.

I want to chop up my guts and roast them over an open fire.

Like, I'm really frustrated.
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Math works now.

2008-01-30 10:06:51 Category: Site Related
The little math problem you get when you post a comment? It works now. :3 Like it actually checks your answer to see if you're right, and gives you a sensible error message if you're wrong (instead of just saying "pizza").

I hope this deters the comment bots.

Some of them, I don't even understand... they don't link to anything in their comments, it's just gibberish or nonsensical strings of phrases. What's the point?

Oh, I also made an IP log thing for people that post comments, so that I could ban bot IPs if I wanted to. Will I? Dunno.

Augh, I need to start exporting this blog for actual site member use. That's a whole huge project I'll start on after this week, I guess.

Back to homework (and breakfast). I'm skipping Post Secondary today, as there is absolutely no point of me going. So I guess Monday was my last day of that class. :3 I'll need to fill out a class-dropping form... I shall get that today before Chemistry.
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Comments should work, guys.

2008-01-15 20:20:26 Category: Site Related

edit: oh shoot, it doesn't work.
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Blogger whorin

2007-09-01 13:33:46 Category: Site Related
I posted this last night:
If I made a site that you can join to have a blog, would you do it, and would you write blogs for it, and adopt it as your blog/personal memobook/text junkpile?

Like. If you signed up, and your username is "carolyn", the URL for your blog would be "http://carolyn.nuggit.nu". The blog would be very simple--not really fancy like Blogger, or any of those big sites. It would also be faster to load. But, you can customize a lot of how it looks in your blog manager. You can totally make it over however you want, if you know HTML and CSS. Plus, if you wanted to change something about the blog system, you could just send me a message and I'd work on it.

Because I'm thinking of doing that for my senior project, but it wouldn't work if there was no one using it. o3o;
But I only got 3 responses, all seeming falsely optimistic. Figures.

I won't worry about it though. I think I can convince people to join, since I'm serious about it.
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fukken n00g

2007-08-30 23:24:08 Category: Site Related
I spent about 3 hours on the other computer trying to install this thing on my website, but I found it exceptionally hard. (Of course I spent 2 of those hours browsing a certain someplace for lulz.) When my parents came home, I again tried to focus on my project, but things just couldn't happen. I opened up a puzzle game Tetravex that I like to play because it's fairly quick, easy and satisfying, unlike my little task. But I found myself unable to do it. I would arrange the pieces in many ways, but they just didn't fall together. I clicked for a new game, and tried to arrange that one, but to my dismay, that was just as hard.

Quite clearly, I wasn't in problem solving mode.

I guess I'm in creative mode.

Which is all good, I guess. But I want to get this task done so I can start working on my and my sister's website ASAP.

Maybe I had too much sugar. I was eating sugar earlier.

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