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This is an archive of journals from late high school. A bit like a diary, this was a personal fork off of my senior project at the time to build a fully functioning blog site that people could sign up for, manage, and etc. I managed to recover all the posts, but I apparently forgot to back up the comments and attached music tables before repurposing my personal server, so those are mostly gone. This is a little embarrassing but not as awful as my old Geocities/tcn.heathenkitties.net early high school journals.

My first woot

2008-06-05 09:18:54 Category: Intarwebs
Justice - "Newjack"
So on May 26, I went to someone's Myspace and saw "shirt.woot.com" and suddenly I remembered how awesome that site was. Then I spent like an hour just browsing around and catching up. I saw a shirt that was up for "reckoning" (the designs only stay for sale if they're popular) and was immediately enamored. Faders and Meters. $15.

After staring for some minutes, I turned to my daddy and asked if I could use his credit card to buy a shirt for $15 if I paid him back, and he said yes. c:

I've been tracking the course of the package every couple days to see when it might get here--it traveled from Texas to California, skipped Oregon, and is now circling within Washington. Gah! The suspense!

It's good that I found shirt.woot, because I've been needing more T-shirts. I've been peeking at ISO50's designs every month or so to keep up my list of shirts I want, but they cost so much... a similar shirt by him called "Sound System" cost $7 more than $15, i.e. $22. Maybe it's better design, maybe it's more authentic looking. Yeah. But I'm a sucker for low prices, and that's what woot gives you. Their daily T-shirts only cost $10. If I had gotten to shirt.woot a few days earlier I would have snagged that shirt for $10. Plus, I'm generally turned off by words on my shirts. I always feel like I'm advertising.

Not that I don't advertise things on my blog. :/
I wish I got free tees for this.

Shirt.woot blogged today about Justice's awesome music video for "D.A.N.C.E." which you should see as well to get into that "Look at my shirt, I'm so hip" mood.

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